That is me smiling--I'm of Albanian heritage, that's how we smile.

Seriously, I have no idea how I got here, nor do I have any idea how I'm getting back. Okay, that's not entirely true; I know how I'm getting back: through a wormhole that happens to reside in a nasty factory restroom toilet with a giant yellow turd and cigarette butts floating in it (inside one of my lucid dreams). You have to stand in the bowl and flush with one foot--hope you're not claustrophobic (that's from Sleepfall, by the way, coming to print soon). 

There are three things that I like to write about: one is the dystopian latrine our politicians are heading us straight into, another is dream states and the last is the mystical. I characterize my style as noir-fairytale. I have heard from readers that I have a wild imagination, but the truth is: I just write down what happens as I see it in my lucid dreams (meditations), or the dystopic fodder the news brings, or as in the case of Wind, my day dreams. The official bio, is as follows:

Petros Tsanlaredes was born and raised in the wilds of New Hampshire where he attended college (and actually graduated,) but mostly went hang gliding. He's had his head in a giant wolf's mouth where it appears he was kissed as opposed to tasted (not a dream,) landed his hang glider flying backwards (not on purpose,) and has been encased in a wooden box of Jell-O by three blue dudes on a stage in Boston. He now lives, as the recluse that he is, on a small island and writes from a broken chair propped up by a copy of the Writer's Market, which now finally earns its keep replacing a missing wheel. 


So not kidding, it works great.
This is my eldest lad spraying ice shavings at me. He's an amazing skater.
That's me, the youngest lad, and the Lab out on our ice tundra, of course I'm taking the pic, but I'm there.
This is as close as I'm getting to a photo of me. I can play it--barely.
Like I said, the wilds of New Hampshire.
I've been known to tinker with a camera--wind-up no less (that was my dad's).
That's an old, but still wonderful, cocoon harness. Rhett tells me that it will hold me in nine out of ten times.
The best place to be on Earth, isn't on the earth, well, second best. The first best place is with family.










Q: Why a screenplay/book and do you think that format will catch-on?

It is a great format that moves closer to an interactive experience. It is lean, fast and delivers action with exceptional timing and punch--kind of like a movie. More importantly: it is simply how this writer communicates--it's how my mind works; more in images than words, or how my mind doesn't work if you choose to look at it that way. The first time I storyboarded a film I was struck by how much more sense it made, to me, to use images rather than words to tell a story. This is my best literary compromise on that notion. Everyone has a voice, this one is mine.

J.K. Rowling jumped in on the action and released her screenplay; Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them as a book, so, absolutely it is catching on! More and more publishing companies are focusing on this format because there is a ton of great material out there. Even more to the point: A successful script-book is essentially ready for Hollywood to produce and that saves Hollywood money. Sing it: Money, money, money.

Q: How do I read a screenplay?

The link below has a pretty good glossary of terms that would explain most things that you'd run into in a script.

Q: Who does your writing appeal to more, men or women?

So far, the mix has been 50/50 men and women.

As I tend to write ensemble cast pieces with a variety of rich characters that are every bit as developed as the main protagonists, there seems to be something here for everyone. And I especially love the supporting characters because they are the ones that can surprise us the most--and oh, how they do.

Q: Why not just make a graphic novel?

I've done a 270 page illustrated script in a painterly style, but something in a graphic sequential style is next, so yeah; why not? When I get the time, I will. 

Q: Who did your cover art?


Q: Which do you like better: drawing or writing?

That's a tough question. Which do you like better: my drawing or my writing? Whatever you pick is my answer too! Hopefully you choose at least one.

Q: What is next?

 I'm working on a book about the quantum nature of dreams. Someone in a dream once told me: "This is not a dream. It is a trap from the first reality." I think that begs some questions (a couple anyway) and is good fodder for a sci-fi work.

Q: Could you please describe a moment that caught you by surprise?

I was in a practice room at my college, playing piano (I kind of suck), anyway it was late and I left passing by the auditorium where I heard the most beautiful music coming from the Steinway. I cracked the door and peeked inside: It was the janitor--playing in the dark. But what really killed me was that he stopped once he noticed me watching. He got up from the bench, apologized for playing the piano and left... He apologized... I was in awe of his humility and heartbroken for his shame.

Q: What was the wolf's name?

Atlas, stood six-foot-five on his hind legs and he was all wolf as opposed to a dog/wolf cross breed. I had to spend some time getting to know him in his two-acre-pen at the reserve before he would let me near him with a camera. A bit of advice: Remember; only prey runs and the usual disclaimer: Kids don't try this at home or the zoo.

Q: What flavor of Jell-O?

Now that is an astute question; orange. But in order to be encased in the Jell-O I first had to hang by my feet, get painted, and then swing into a canvas like a wrecking ball. Then of course, I teleported into the gelatin box. True story, I have witnesses--hundreds.

Q: How do you fly backwards?

Technically; you can't, but if the wind speed is greater than your hang glider's penetration speed, you will fly over the ground backwards. I should note: that this was in the early days when we flew in much stronger winds than any sane person would recommend now.

Q: What is purple film water?

Purple Film Water is an idea. Some ideas nourish us and our society, other ideas poison the well. The trick is in knowing which water to drink. 

Don't drink the water. I can't warn you enough.

Cool, refreshing purple film water.