Fall, 2017

Our script Wind is a Second Rounder (quarterfinals)at the Austin Film Festival Screenwriting Competition!  Read more about it under the tab labeled: WIND.

Summer, 2017

I label this page “NEWS,” but it’s really just a refrigerator to hang my crap on. Currently I am enrolled in a technical writing class and I got a gold star from my teacher and since my mom’s fridge is in Florida and I’m not:

Spring, 2017

Oh, and invited to read again, as well. I cannot say enough, what a privilege it is to read the scripts of such talented authors for such a prestigious organization.

Winter, 2017

Honored to have been asked again to participate for another season on Austin Film Festival’s Film Selection Committee–so many amazing films to watch!



Summer, 2016

I am very pleased to have been asked to participate on the Austin Film Festival’s 2016 Film Selection Committee. Having attended the festival in past years, and seeing so many of the great films AFF puts on the screen, it was a real pleasure to help with this process. I can tell you that there are some truly amazing films out there, and Austin is a great place to see them!



Summer,  2015

I was honored to be a first and second rounder reader for the Austin Film Festival’s 2015 screenwriting competition. It was a great privilege to read the work of so many dedicated and talented writers!



September – 05, 2015

GJ5 makes the quarter-finals of the Screen Craft SCI-FI screenplay competition, so that’s cool!


June – 10 – 2014
As it turns out, GJ5 was 1 of only 3 digital comics to be honored as an official selection to the Los Angeles. N.M.F.F. We were grateful to pass the jury and be in the fine company of Michael Lent and Marc Rene’s adaptation of E.M. Forster’s “The Machine Stops”; T.M.S. and the digital comic based on the two part German film: Generation War. Both comics are very highly produced examples of fine writing and beautiful comic imagery. We are humbled that our underground, fledgling, Frankenstein of a graphic novel/ illustrated script was included. Thanks!

May – 04, 2014 So cool beans! A cool Los Angeles film festival dealing in new media with a digital comics category and Gravity Jump 5 has the honor of being an official selection!
Check them out at
12-13-13 Script notes from Austin FF readers — a couple quotes follow:
“The concept for the world and the story is fascinating. More than in any other script I’ve read this season, I will remember this universe and this society. Every setting was interesting and visually impressive. The writer described the world beautifully and portrayed it very cinematically.” — Unknown Reader.
“A true Philip K Dickian story about non-human love, a noirsh dystopian future and the way the rich keep us prisoner. I love this story and want to see it on the screen.” — Another AFF Reader.
— I’ll chime in now — Truly amazing script notes were delivered and have helped make Gravity Jump 5 an even better story. Thank you AFF readers for all your hard work! Petros Tsanlaredes.


2013 GJ5 makes it into the top 15% at the Academy’s highly esteemed Nicholl Fellowship screenwriting competition.
This is the biggest and most prestigious competition in the world — you know, the people who hand out the Oscars. So I am honored to have GJ5 get that far. To be within screaming distance of some really great writers is a nice compliment.



2013 GJ5 makes the “Second Rounders” top 10% at the Austin Film Festival screenwriting competition.
Hey, this is the second largest and greatest script comp that I am aware of.  I am grateful for the positive feedback.
Thank you AFF.