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Gravity Jump 5 is here or should I say there: White Mountain Comics and Collectibles in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

We are not doing the Amazon thing; we want our books in real shops supporting local businesses. And yeah, you can buy from us here on our site (it's not any cheaper after shipping) but you shouldn't unless you are too far away to travel to a local comic book store or independent book shop. Please support the people that literally support us writer/artists by putting our books on their shelves. 

GRAVITY JUMP 5  paperbacks are here--there's nothing like a real book!


Meet Tranquility. She has a soul... A digital soul, but it's not hers; the Trojan corporation owns it. It's all part of her purpose and she understands that, and more than they could possibly imagine, because she is the first truly sentient of her kind. But Eli Ryder

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doesn't understand it and he's going to try and steal her soul. He will end up imprisoned on Gravity Jump 5: a system of prison orbs--terrarium-like planetoids a mile in diameter. The only way on is to jump two thousand feet. The only way off--there is none.

My hang gliding fairytale, WIND, is next up on deck as I finalize the cover design.


Every once in a while a pilot drifts into your world that is so "one" with the wind that you can't help but wonder if the pilot was ever real at all. This is that story. Hang gliding is a magical sport, every pilot knows that, but what they don't know; is that the mute homeless drifter that now camps out on their mountain might be a real-life, walk-on-water, prophet. And when a troubled waitress crosses this drifter's path, no good will come from a hick cop's jealousy. 

SLEEPFALL is a wild journey into the very real dreamscape of a lucid dreamer.


Follow David, a nineteen-year-old lucid dreamer searching for Heaven, but instead finds himself on a twisted journey through Hell only to discover that Hell is where he belongs. Hell is home and he likes it better than here, but they don't like him there.

By the way; that is a real wolf. His name is Atlas and he was kind enough to let me take his photo many years ago. He was a beautiful animal, that first stalked me in my dreams until finally I stopped running and faced him. He taught me much about the dream world.

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We will be rolling out Gravity Jump 5 to local shops over the next two months, but by all means if we haven't made it to a shop near you: then absolutely don't miss out on this great adventure, and yeah, buy here.

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